Monday, November 2, 2009

Luscious Layers...

Thanksgiving might be one of my favorite holidays. I love that it is just a day of indulging, napping, snacking and you can't forget drinking. Our Thanksgiving usually goes down like this...

  1. In the morning have a big breakfast and sit around in PJ's watching the Macy's Parade (I love to make fun of the lip-synchers and the usually embarrassing performances)
  2. Shower and get the crew together around noon
  3. Head over to the in-laws where the festivities begin...this would include 8 grandchildren and about 12 adults
  4. Grab a cocktail (champagne, please) and chase the kids around. This year will be different as I have a toddler, hopefully he will be totally entertained by his cousins and mom can get a break
  5. Break out into a full body sweat after A.drinking and B.chasing kids around
  6. Get everyone seated and scarf down food and more drinks (before the kids lose it)
  7. Embrace my food coma and snuggle up on the couch and hopefully nap until it's time to get up and eat some more.
The one thing I have learned every year (and every family gathering for that matter) is to dress in LAYERS. It is crazy how hot I get when you are running around after your child, helping cook, cleaning the dishes, etc.  My best friend these days is the ever-classic cardigan. 

I love them because they are versatile and can work into your wardrobe in many ways. On a typical day I throw them over my favorite alternative apparel tanks, or J.Crew vintage tees. But, they look wonderful paired with a silk blouse or over a dress and belted. You really can't go wrong with them, and the best part is if you get too hot, you can shed the layer and give your body a brief cool down.

this season the long cardigan is a MUST...

Over some of these great layering pieces...

AND, don't forget to give your feet a break...check out these lovelies...


  1. I just love Thanksgiving too, and watching the parade is one of my favorite parts about it! It's just pure, cheesy happiness.

    Good luck this year chasing around the little one!

  2. I can so relate with this post! Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays for every reason you stated. And layers are tres important!

  3. Oooooooooohhhh - I love that second photo you posted above.



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