Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's give a big blog welcome...

to "The Huntress Lives"!!!! A fabulous blog dedicated to great finds for your home and wonderful decor ideas brought to you by my wonderful friend Amy.

Amy and Mel on their balcony in Chicago

I met Amy when we lived in the same building in Chicago. She always looked SO cute and both her and her husband could not have been sweeter. We would always chat in passing but had never spent much time together. One summer day we were both laying out on the building's sun deck and we had a marathon girl talk session...everything from makeup to clothes, to decor and manicures and the list goes on...I am sure we both got burnt that day because we didn't stop talking!!!!  From that day on, it was like we were sorority sisters living in the same building. We spent hours on the sun-deck, had double dates with our husbands and chatted incessantly about all of the things we wanted to buy.  Unfortunately, our time together was short-lived, as my husband and I decided to move to Kansas City not long after that summer.

Thankfully, distance has not made a difference. We have remained good friends through phone calls and emails.

I am just SO thrilled that Amy is doing a blog now. Her taste is exquisite, she has a wonderful eye, and she can spot a bargain like nobody's business!!! I hope you will stop by her blog today and become a follower!

Happy Friday!

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  1. thanks Mel!!! that was so nice of you. You made me cry thinking of the good times at 340 :)




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