Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring Essentials

I am in desperate need of a new eye color palette that I can wear everyday. My NARS set I have from 2 years ago is just about toast. I tend to purchase seasonal sets because I think they are a better value. I just came across Laura Mercier's new spring palette and I am thinking this is going to be the one for 2012...

It comes with 6 eye colors: Buff Pearl and African Violet, Sateen Eye Colour in Tawny Apricot, Matte Eye Colour in Rich Cocoa, Pale Pink and Black Plum. As well as 2 cheek colors, which are Rose Desire and Fresh peach. All of this for $60 is an amazing deal!

I have never tried their lip shine pots, but this color would be perfect for everday. It is the prettiest, shimmery peach aptly named, Naked Apricot, $22

What beauty products do you have your eye on this spring?


  1. I love that pallette, all of those shades are just perfect for spring. I've never tried her lip shines, but that peach shade is beautiful.

  2. Pretty! I've never done the palette thing..I have a Bobbi Brown cream shadow that I wear every day and I love - it really stays on, which is not something I find a lot of shadows to do.

  3. I have the Naked eye pallette by Urban Decay and absolutely LOVE it! Gorgeous shades that can be layered or used by themselves.

  4. Love the lip! I wish I was more dedicated to makeup! I cannot break from my chapstick!

  5. I love the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks. It lasts a long time on my lips- I don't really use it for cheeks, but I love that I could. Bobbi Brown-Peony blush is perfect for spring, and of course, Nars Orgasm. I think I have to get the LM lip pot- such a beautiful color... Thanks for the tip:)



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