Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Musings...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was pretty low-key. My husband (bless his heart), painted the baby's nursery. It has taken 2 coats so far and we still need a third. We are going from bright blue and white stripes to a very soft pink. And note to self, don't listen to the paint store lady who tells you to get the paint with primer already in it...I don't think it works at all.

Just a few of my current obsessions...small they may be, but they are getting me through this drab winter!

These might just be the most delectable things I have ever tasted. I used to be an M&M girl, but I am converting. Not to mention, I feel like I am at least being "somewhat" good by having dark chocolate and almonds. If you are a salty/sweet person, you will go gaga over these!


Please tell me there is someone else out there watching Scouted on E!? This show is my new obsession. The transformations these girls make are quite amazing. One day they may be working at Sonic and before you know it they are whisked off to NYC for a chance to get signed by a top modeling agency. My husband even likes the show...that's saying a lot when it comes to reality t.v.

Growing pregnant body + pasty white skin = Not pretty! Thankfully these little gems called Tan Towels have given me a slight boost of confidence this winter. I love that I can quickly apply them, they don't smell too funky and they don't streak. I get the super plus in the small package ($2.95) which is enough for my face and body. My only complaint is that the color fades pretty quickly. But, if you want a quick "glow", they are perfect.

I have pretty much hijacked my husbands pajamas. I love the over sized "men's shirt" look of classic pajamas and for this prego, there has been nothing more comfortable. I am starting to think I need a set of my own. Aren't these from J.Crew cute? $59.50 and definitely more attractive then the men's version I have been sporting.


  1. Those dark chocolate almonds are ridiculously good. I have a hard time just stopping at a few. : ) Also, Scouted is pretty amazing. I have seen it a few times at the gym. The girl from Dallas pictured above is stunning. She looks like a Prada model.

  2. Oh those almonds look so good! I saw the girl that's in the scouted picture here in Dallas at our local grocery store! I do like that show I also like the new one on CW called ReModeled.

  3. I must try those. Have you tried their dark chocolate caramels? I could eat the entire container :)



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