Friday, January 27, 2012

Dressing The Bump: Week 26

I was so honored to be asked to speak to a class at the Art Institute International K.C. this week. The class is about trends and concepts in Apparel and each student is required to start their own blog. I had a great time talking to the students and sharing my blogging experiences thus far. It is definitely a far cry from what I was learning about as an apparel student 13 years ago!

I love having a reason to get dressed up in something other than my leggings and cardigan uniform that I have been sporting these days.

Blazers are a great prego item. I happened to buy this one a size larger and it has worked great during my pregnancy.

Striped Knit Dress: H&M (spring 2011)
Ponte Knit Blazer: Forever 21 (fall 2011)
Booties: Forever 21 (fall 2011)
Leggings: Hue Wide Waistband
Nails: OPI You Don't Know Jacques
I think the whole outfit was under $100...including the shoes!


  1. i LOVE this whole look! and im still jealous we dont have H&M here :(

  2. WOW - so cool! And you look great - I think that bump looks a wee bit bigger. But maybe it's the stripes??

  3. You look fantastic and love the ensemble!

  4. You have the best pregnancy style! I love seeing your outfits! This is such a cute look!



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