Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There is a lot of buzz going on in Kansas City right now about whether or not we will get an H&M. Rumors have been flying for months, but nothing is confirmed. Yet, they still air commercials on EVERY station, just teasing me with their easy, breezy, summer style. I am having serious H&M withdrawal...these pictures pretty much sum up exactly how I like to dress int he summer...

I have my girlfriends who live close to an H&M on the hunt for this navy/white skirt for me...anyone seen it in person? Is it cute?

this is outfit is so my husband...

so, for all of you who are lucky to have an H&M, am I totally missing out right now? Nevermind, I already know the answer. I bet it is yes!


  1. Are you serious?!!! I had not heard that - Oh sweet day if we got an H&M!

    That striped skirt is KEYOOT. I saw a dress VERY similar to that at Macy's recently - it was the Bar III brand, and they also had a striped skirt like it in taupe and white stripes - SO. CUTE.


  2. guhhghg. I miss H&M so much. they had one 5 minutes from me when we lived in Connecticut, but here in Charleston there is none to be found :( So cheap! So pretty!

  3. I saw the navy skirt but in neon pink at our H and M (Scottsdale). I do like H and M but like Nordstrom Rack or Forever 21 I need a lot of time to look at things as I get overwhelmed.



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