Monday, June 6, 2011

Boring Black? I think not!

I had a few people asking me for suggestions for a great black handbag that can be used from one season to the next without looking outdated. I think that a good black handbag is without a doubt one of the best investments you can make. If you buy something classic enough, it will never go out of style and you will love it year after year.

I always say choose a silhouette that is timeless, but don't be afraid of a little detail. It's the small details that make the bag. Just be wary of something with big tassels, fringe or large hardware...the more simple the design, the better. Here are just a few of my suggestions for investment worthy black bags...

This one is by Alexander Wang. Love the bowler shape and the small handles and the details are simple, but fantastic.

This Botkier has a little bit more going on than I typically like but I do still think it's classic enough. It's also nice to have the long strap for a cross-body option

The Tallis tote by Tory Burch is a fabulous carryall.  It has extremely soft leather and simple styling that keeps it very classic. $525

If I had to choose one of all these, it would have to be the Edye Satchel by Tory Burch $575. I LOVE this bag. It definitely reminds me of a Birkin by Hermes...similar shape and handle. This would be a bag you could love for years.

This would be the best work bag. It's 12" high and 15"long which makes it big enough to carry anything. It's also well priced at $375. By Gryson 

I own this Foley + Corinna and it has been a fantastic bag. I got the largest size and I am glad I did. It holds EVERYTHING. It is also incredibly durable $485

The Natasha Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs is super classic, without many bells and whistles. I like that the strap is long enough to carry over your shoulder and the big gold buckles at the front give it a nice touch. $398

and if you want to REALLY splurge? The Marcie Calfskin small satchel by Chloe is GORG! I adore the fold over flap and the short handles as well as the long strap. This would be perfect back to your favorite jeans or dressed up for work.


  1. I love every single one of these - especially that last one. One of these days I'll splurge on a Chloe.

  2. Fantastic round up! I have the Foley and Corinna bag in hot pink... love it!

  3. I am drooling over all those bags but especially the Tory burch ones!

  4. That Chole bag is bananas. I love a splurge but that might even be too much for me!

  5. The Tory Burch Tallis and the Marc jacobs ae my favorite! I must say I prefer a classic tan or brown to black, though! I just found your blog and can't wait to read more! Please stop by mine!

  6. Love the Alexander Wang and the TB Tallis handbag. I saw the Tallis in Brown and it is equally as gorgeous. You're right, the leather is amazingly soft.

  7. I bought the Tory Burch Tallis Tote and absolutely love it!
    It is so incredibly soft! It was a must for me.



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