Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'll have what she's having

Seriously, I about stopped in my tracks at Target when I saw this on the magazine rack. Heather Morris from Glee is redonk. Did you see the episode where she did all of Britney Spears songs? It was then I noticed what an amazing figure she has!

 I am definitely going to buy this to see what her routine is; I guarantee she is not eating homemade chocolate chip cookies and biscuits and gravy on Sundays.


  1. I just saw this cover at the grocery store and I thought to myself wow I want her body but someone likes their food a little too much.
    Lets just pretend it all has to do with airbrushing and that is the real secret?!lol

  2. Her body is INSANE. I think I watched the Britney routine a million times. You know she was the backup dancer to Beyonce when "put a ring on it" exploded, right?! She's 1 of the 2 dancers in that.

  3. Yeah, she's amazing. I'm not a total Gleek but whenever I catch the show, I'm really impressed by her - even her acting is subtle genius. xx



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