Monday, June 20, 2011

Closet Confidential: Dressing up my jorts

Oh yeah, that's right...I said "Jorts". They're back people, and in a BIG way. I used to loathe them, and this year I am searching high and low to find the perfect pair. Remember though, jorts didn't always look that cool. They were high waisted and in a really light blue wash. AWFUL!

In my scouting efforts to find cute jean shorts, I came up empty handed. Everything was way too short, or unflattering. So, I took the problem into my own hands and decided to make some myself. I did it all the time in high school; there is not much too it. It's just finding the right pair that will work as a jort and then cut them off trying your best to keep them even and giving yourself enough room to roll them if you need to.

I used a pair of post-prego jeans that were a little big on me. They are roomier through the hip, which makes them look a bit better. I accidentally cut off a pair of Joe's that were way too tight for jean shorts, so make sure you pick something that has some room.

we all know you can throw a tank and tee with jean shorts, but how about dressing them up? I had some fun in my closet putting together some ensembles to hopefully inspire...

silk tunic from Francesca's (you can't see, but it has great silver embroidery), paisley silk clutch from Banana Republic, Wrap bracelet from H&M, wedges from Gap

ikat blazer (just got this for $15 at the Banana Republic Factory Store!), J.Crew perfect tank, Nine West Shoes, H&M, Forever 21 bracelets, vintage clutch

Benetton Blazer (OOOLD school), J.Crew pefect fit tank, Mark Shale pearls, Nordstrom gold t-straps

and what will I most likely wear with my jorts? This ensemble...

J.Crew buffalo check shirt, Nordstrom beads (super old), H&M Straw bag, Dr.Scholls sandals (most comfortable sandal I have ever owned, I HIGHLY recommend them)


  1. ADORABLE! Can you come over and doctor up a pair of mine..??

  2. I love all these looks! I am a big fan of dressing up shorts or Jorts!

  3. ooh ooh, the last one is my FAVE!!! you're flipping adorable. :)

  4. Adorable and I love how you are pairing orange with your outfits.

  5. these looks are all so cute!! I just bought a pair of jorts, i took 3 months of looking but I have a pair

  6. All such fun looks! I particularly love the last outfit. The orange beads really pop against the blue and white buffalo check.

  7. I love to dress up my jean shorts! I always pair a blouse with them. Love all your outfits especially the last one, so cute! And it is so hard to find Jhorts that fit right!! I have had luck with Jbrand and Joe's jean shorts but that is it!

  8. Love all these ways to dress up a short!



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