Monday, June 27, 2011

Bikini Search...another great option!

I found another great bikini for summer and this one is on sale right now for $ 19.99 a piece!!!! I was surprsied to find it at Gap Body, of all places. The bottoms are great (not skimpy at all) and I kind of like the one shoulder top...definitely something different. Not the best tan lines, but maybe if you alternate this with a strapless suit you could eliminate the problem. The color was great too, it's this nice taupe/grey, which I thought was very sophisticated. If you want to make this suit yours, click HERE


  1. Love it! The one strap and color are great, how knew Gap Body had such cute stuff? I have way too bathing suits already or I would totally be buying that!

  2. For the ladies the best is in fact decidedly bound amid the adult bikini and the added applied jumpsuit suit. While there are variations on the accepted abstraction they all abide either on or the other.

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