Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cuteness for the kiddos: Kelly's Kids

Thanks to Natalie at Everyday Sunshine, because I now have discovered Kelly's Kids. I am kind of obsessed now that I discovered it, and I already have a shopping cart full of items I want to get for Julian. This stuff is CUUUUTE. If you don't like preppy, then this probably insn't going to be your thing. If you do, you have hit the jackpot.

How seriously cute are these swimsuits? I am dying! Ruffles, seersucker, bows...SOLD! Right now these suits are on sale, $18 for the top and $16 for the bottoms. The 1 pieces are $28

 And the boys trunks are adorable too...and affordable! They are on sale for $22!
I never met a bubble I didn't like...this is presh...

And if you are looking for 4th of July getups for your little ones, you can deck out the entire family from Kelly's Kids... 

 After stalking their site, I found out you can host parties or be a rep, I am seriously considering this! Anyone ever been to a Kelly's Kids party?


  1. LOVE Kelly's Kids- you totally should rep it! I think you would make a TON down in KC. When Stella was 1.5 I went to a party and bought the cutest sailboat bloomer/pants for her. She wore them all summer. I cannot wait to pull them out next year for Ruby. Love the suits too!

  2. I became a rep in March because I loved the Spring collection so much! The Fall Collection is adorable...if you are interested in hosting an online/catalog party to earn FREE clothes, email me at ashleytabb@insightbb.com.

    I have several items still available in my Sample Sale...50% off regular price at www.facebook.com/kellyskids.atabb

    Also, the spring collection is 30% off now until June 24 at www.kellyskids.com. If you purchase something and include my name and Rep #115224, I would appreciate it!

  3. Thanks so much for this! I just ordered a baby gift for a friend. I added the above rep # @ladybugmom. xx

  4. I used to look at their site all the time but kind of forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. I think I'll order something quickly for the 4th!



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