Monday, November 1, 2010

Super (model) Moms: Meet Rachel

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Rachel.  She is a mother to 2 gorgeous boys (you may remember her son Will from this post). The entire family is adorable; straight out of a photo shoot in Cookie Mag. Rachel literally does it all...she might be the busiest woman I know. Outside of being a mom, she also works full time as a creative director for a Marketing/Communications firm. She does Junior League, throws the most incredible birthday parties (see here) AND she manages to run 20-25 miles a week. Oh and did I mention she always looks adorable on top of all of this?

pictured with her son Will

Here is a sneak peek at what inspires Rachel! 

1)    What is your favorite "uniform"...your everyday go to outfit?

In the summer, it’s fun, patterned shorts with an oxford or Polo. In the winter, it’s skinny jeans, boots, and a blazer.

2)     If you could splurge on one item this season, what would it be?

If I could splurge, it would be on the Prada Glace Calf Stud tote. The items of the season that are much more likely to find their way into my wardrobe are the crystal necklaces and earrings from J Crew. I am in love with the way they’re pairing glamorous jewelry with casual turtlenecks and tees.

3)    How would you define your style?

Classic and body conscious – Diane Von Furstenberg is my favorite. I’m open to the idea of trends, but I’m much more focused on what works for my figure.

4)    Do you think you influence your kids fashion decisions? 

Absolutely…and they already want to influence mine! When I was trying to pick out something for a charity fashion show last summer, Will took one look at my coral Herve Leger dress paired with turquoise necklaces and asked, “If it’s a fashion show, shouldn’t you wear something stylish?” He suggested a floral top from Forever 21, a bright pink silk skirt, big gold earrings and black boots… and was crushed when I didn’t wear it.

5)     What are your top 3 sites to shop for you?

6) Top 3 sites for your kids clothing?

7) When you were pregnant, what was one thing that always made you feel good/stylish/pretty?

Shopping! I am obsessed with maternity clothes and couldn’t stop myself - I had to take the tags off the dress I wore to the hospital to deliver Gray. My favorite outfit was a Pea in the Pod silk halter with a purple, Hermes-inspired print that I got on ebay, paired with Seven maternity jeans, gold stiletto thongs and tons of gold bracelets.

8) If you could raid the closet of one stylish person, who would it be?

Jennifer Aniston – I think I’d find a lot of similar staples as I have in my closet, but with much nicer labelsJ  I love how she sticks to a neutral base of black, gray, navy, white and beige, but pairs them in unexpected combinations – she always looks clean and put together.

9) As a mom, what are some of your must-have items?

-       Shawls! After 3 cumulative years of nursing, I have amassed quite a collection of wraps that I could toss over whatever I was wearing in public. I still use them often when I travel – especially since they stopped passing out blankets.
-       Chanel sunglasses – the bigger, the better! After a night of soothing a 5-year-old’s nightmares and wrestling for covers with a 3-year-old who made his way into mom and dad’s bed, it’s nice to be able to hide my puffy eyes and feel a little bit glamorous.
-       A pricey tailor and an inexpensive dry cleaner – Ok, ok, I know not every good tailor is expensive, but mine is. I have bought many a dress from Target that cost less than the alterations, but it is so worth it. On the flip side, I like to have the boys’ sweaters and dark shirts dry cleaned to limit fading, so having an affordable cleaner is a must.  
-       Flats. I didn’t own a pair before kids – in fact, I wore 4” stiletto sandals to the hospital to deliver Gray -  but I quickly learned there are times when heels just won’t do. My now beloved nude Jack Rogers go with everything and have gotten me through 2 Disney World treks.
-       Tide Stain Remover Pen – I think I need it as often as my kids

10) What is a favorite "budget" item in your closet?

Years ago, I bought 3 spaghetti strap, thong-bottom camisole bodysuits from New York & Company: one white, one nude and one black. In any given week, I probably wear all 3. They are perfect under sheer clothing – just the right coverage without adding any bulk or lines. It’s one of those items that you wish you could go back in time and buy 10.

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  1. Love this feature! Look forward to meeting the next Super (model) mom!

    Oh......and I also think you need to include yourself on this feature. You have great fashion tips and always look so put together!

  2. Supermodel for sure! I love the purse she chose and she and her son are too cute- but where's the other two?! :)

  3. Total ROCKSTAR mom! Brains, beauty & creatively talented!



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