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Super (model) Moms: Meet Susan

I was so excited to receive in my email last week a nomination for someone I didn't know!!!! This feature has been very fun to do, and I know there are so many great women out there, so thank you to Allison for nominating her friend Susan. In Allison's email she wrote this: This past year, Susan and her husband, Alex, welcomed a little boy into their family.  I am amazed how she maintains a demanding full-time job with the Alabama Business Council and cares for her family without even breaking a sweat (and looks pretty darn classy while doing it!). 

Since I don't know Susan personally, I had her write up a bit about herself and she so kindly answered my questionnaire. So, without further ado, meet Susan!!!!

I am completly honored and flattered to be considered a Super(Model) Mom!  I am a full-time working mommy of a 7 month old angel-boy!  Any working mom knows that it's next to impossible to balance all of your responsibilities.  Truth be told, you never feel like you are completly on top of anything in your life.  If anyone knows where I can get some more hours for my day, please let me know!  
My sweet Grandmamma was big on sayings and one of her favorites was "Fake it 'till you Make it!"  Let me tell you, I am doing a lot of faking it these days...but I'm loving every minute of it!

1. How has motherhood changed your style?  
I think being a mom has made me more deliberate about my style.  Is it possible that my new identity automatically makes me more prone toward Mom Jeans and frumpiness?  That lingering question keeps me on my toes when it comes to style.  Before I was a mom, I didn't think nearly as much about my clothes.  Now, I have a few go-to pieces that I feel fabulous in.  Being strategic and deliberate helps me avoid the dreaded haggered-mommy look.

2. What is your everyday uniform?
I am the Vice President of Events and Special Projects for the Business Council of Alabama.  My "event uniform" is usually a classic, tailored suit.  My "office uniform" is usually pants or a skirt with a cute cardigan.  

3.  What are your top 3 places to shop?

4. What are your top 3 kids stores?
Well, thankfully, we are still benefiting from baby shower loot, but when I do dive into purchasing kids clothes, I'm looking forward to Crew Cuts, various Etsy sites and local boutiques.

5. What is one item you would like to splurge on this season?

The Michael Kors Acrylic Madison Watch in Horn.  I guess this is not a huge splurge, but here's the problem: I keep wanting to buy a new watch but I have a perfectly good watch (that I got when I was a senior in high school).  It still works so I am struggling with buying a new one.  Maybe a certain someone {my wonderful husband} will read this and get the hint :)

6. When you were prego, what was one fashion item that you couldn't live without? 
 Heels!  I am 5' 1" and I need heels.  I wouldn't recommend this to everyone.  If you are pregnant, you should only wear heels if you feel comfortable in them.  If you're not, it's not worth the risk.  I wore heels up to the day I went into labor.  They made me feel less "large!"  :)

7. What are you favorite budget items?  
I love Target.  I love to use Target to test drive trends.  You can try something you're not 100% sure about without spending too much money.  

8. What is one item in your closet that you will never part with?  
My real jewelry.  I have some absolutely beautiful jewelry that I have received from my husband and parents.  I wear it everyday.  Someone once told me that "you should do right by your jewelry."  It does no good sitting in a jewelry box.  And when I want to wear trendy costume jewelry, I usually just stack it with my real stuff.  Now, if I could just get good at using my real china! 

9. Who inspires your personal style? 
My sister.  She is so bold about her style.  She always has been.  I usually end up copying her (about 1/2 a season later).

10. What current fashion trend do you love the most?
Skinny Jeans!  And here's the great news: I just found out that you don't have to be skinny to wear them!  I am loving mine with boots, heels and flats. 

Thank you Susan for participating! It's been great getting to know another Super (model) Mom!

If you want to nominate a friend or family member, email me at

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  1. great post. It defintely isn't easy being a full time working mom!



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