Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why do they tease?

For those of you that live in Kansas City, you may have noticed the HUGE Forever 21 that has been "opening soon" on the Plaza for about the last year and a half. They told us it was going to open this spring, and now it has been pushed back to late August. I am so anxious for it to open, so that I don't have to trek down to the mall to get my Forever 21 fix once in a while.

Rumor is that this store will also carry the kids, maternity and men's lines. Is anyone else as excited as I am?!

Here are some pieces from the Love 21 line that I am dying to try on. Looks like some great transitional items...


  1. Oh wow, those are some great pieces! I have been waiting anxiously too, its much closer and I dont have to deal with the mall!

  2. Can I please take you with me when I go! That store stresses me out, and I never feel like I can find all the cute stuff that everyone else does!!!

  3. Amy & I enjoy our romps to our local Forever 21! I wish we had maternity, alas we do not... I wonder if the one downtown does...? Might be worth a trip downtown. BTW, you owe us a visit up here! When are you coming? Mollie and I are getting together next week!

  4. What da HAIL - it is STILL not open?!!! I. Need. Those. Skinny. Pants.

    The end.

    It was GREAT to see you the other night! Thanks as always for organizing Ladieth Night!

  5. *Wistful sigh* wish Forever 21 was down under!



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