Monday, July 19, 2010

Replacing Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds has been on the top of my list (to look at) for years, until now. I just discovered the series True Blood and I have to say, I am pretty much smitten with every male character on the show! Whether wolf, or vampire or good guy, they sure know how to pick em! Ryan Kwanten (who plays Jason Stackhouse on the show) could be Ryan Reynolds brother, no?



Ryan Kwanten...geesh, this photo makes me blush!!! 

I am sorry for this steamy post today...I think the heat is getting to me!

Is anyone else watching True Blood? Are you as hooked as I am?


  1. Oh yes, been watching from the beginning, its an addicting show! Im smitten over Eric myself. :)

  2. Totally insanely addicted, Frank and I burned through the first two seasons in like two weeks, staying up really late, etc. Now it's torture waiting each week for each new season three episode.



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