Monday, July 5, 2010

Belly Love...

Oh girls, I am SO EXCITED to see that Forever 21's contemporary line, Love 21 now has MATERNITY! Finally, another option for all my pregos out there. Now, it's pretty basic at this point, but I would bookmark this page. You never know what they might be adding to the line in the next few months!!!!

A pregnant woman's best friend...the maternity legging! 12.80

I lived in cardigan's like this my first pregnancy...Long slub cardigan $19.80

What do you all think? Will you be shopping Forever 21 for maternity?


  1. EEK I am so excited! You just made my day! I refuse to spend a lot on maternity clothes as I want my money invested in a nice baby bag and luxury stroller vs clothes that I am sure I will never want to wear again! ha. I can't wait for the fall to wear leggings, tunics and flats. I really hope our Forever 21 ( or as I call it Forever 30) will have the maternity line in soon!

  2. Oh praise the LORD! Now I might actually look good the next 5 months! I have already popped at 15 weeks (I look like I did at 22 weeks first pregnancy!) I gotta go and shop! Thanks for this fab find!



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