Monday, July 26, 2010

Pattern and Whimsy

For those of you who have used wallpaper in your homes, I envy you! I absolutely love the idea of it, but at the same time it kind of terrifies me. It seems so PERMANENT. And you must truly love the pattern, because once it is up, it's up. It's not like you can just paint over it...

I think one of my next projects at home would be to paper either a wall in our master bedroom, or if we do have another child, I think it would be great in a nursery too. I got sucked into a whole lot of wallpaper research Friday night, and here were a few of my favorites...

I am OBSESSED with this one...perfect for a little boys room!!! image via Smitten Design

and these SHOES...absolutely adorable!

subtle pattern, but very cute

soft pink elephants

very cheerful yellow and white floral

I am obsessed with this line. It is very graphic and bright, but if you did it on just one wall, think how adorable?

they also do custom monograms!!!!

Good kids collection by Urban Source Chicago:

and very Kitschy by Ferm Living

How about you? Have you done wallpaper in your home?


  1. Ironically, I've been obsessing about this for a few months now. I have the perfect damask picked out for our tiny guest bathroom off the kitchen, but every time I bring it up, my friends get looks of horror on their faces stating that "it's such a huge project - and it's so permanent!" A few of my gal pals have some really beautiful prints either in their smaller bathrooms or kitchens, and I just love it. I say go for it - your choices are darling, and start in a room that is not used constantly, but often enough for you to appreciate it. Or the baby's room - super fun!

  2. I have been thinking about wall papers for our place for few months now. We just have so many options in colors and patterns with wall papers that we cannot get from using paint.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Melanie!! I can't wait to read more of yours!

  4. I love the idea of wallpaper, but don't know if I could ever actually go through with it due to the fact that it is so permanent!

  5. We've been oogling at the wall-paper selections out there too now...mostly because we are finding that our old home's cracks and uneven walls stand out more with paint.
    And some of them are gorgeous - unlike in my 70's childhood. My husband and I have found a collection we love which are natural stone and plaster looking and cool bamboo stuff. But for the bathroom, we are going with an eye-popping funky pattern. Love your picks!

  6. I am dying over those little girl shoes! how cute is that? Darling! I am like you- a little hesitant to put it up in my house, as you, but every time I go somewhere (like Amy's) I am convinced I need to do it too! I am with you- I might commit to one wall in the baby's room... what a great idea.

  7. Only thing permanent is death. And wallpaper is quite the opposite! These are practically like a resurrection. Fabulous! I am so sad to have a nursery project right now for two people who don't like wallpaper. I about cried. I'd have love to use these, any of these!

  8. Omigoodness - I LOVE these cute little wallpaper ideas. Not afraid of wallpaper but am afraid of putting it up myself :)



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