Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's raining TUTU'S AND RUFFLES!

Gigi and the little lady's first Tutu!

This weekend I was so thrilled to be able to celebrate my friend Gigi's 2nd baby with a "sprinkle"...a.k.a, shower for your 2nd baby. Since Gina is having a girl the second time around, it was fun to celebrate all things girly and sweet.

My good friend Kelly from WH Hostess did the invites which in turn gave me inspiration for a theme. I told her I wanted to do pink, yellow and green. All very cheerful colors and great for a summer shower. In an effort to stay on a budget, I also tried to work around table linens and items I already had in my home. You would be surprised how much you can save! Kelly came up with these adorable invites. I should have taken a photo of the back because they are darling. It is a yellow and white greek key pattern that she then incorporated into the cupcake toppers.

To keep with the sprinkle/shower theme Kelly suggested doing a plant with a big paper parasol in the middle. Unfortunately, my chandelier is too low, so that didn't work. Instead we just used the asian inspired parasol at the end of the table. I also used little cocktail umbrellas in pink to tie in the shower theme as well. I found the umbrellas at US Toy here in Kansas City.

Since the shower was from 3-5 I decided to stay light on the food and heavy on the sweets! I attempted my first sweets table, and I really love how it turned out. I didn't go overboard (trying to stay on budget). I was also lucky enough to have recently inherited a gorgeous cut glass container assortment from my grandma that were perfect for holding all of the goodies. 

I also have to mention that it is quite a challenge to find appropriately colored candy for a sweets table. Kelly suggested Home Goods for the gum balls and she was right on! They had gorgeous packages of multi colored, BIG gumballs. I also used mint meltaways (in pink, green, yellow), lemon drops, Green and Pink Jelly Belly's and a pink assortment of Starburst. If you are trying to fill big jars, Candy Warehouse has the best assortment.

I did cupcakes from Dolce Bakery (in Prairie Village, KS) and Kelly did the adorable toppers. I always love to be able to use my Juliska cake plates...they are one of my favorite investments!

Here are just some other shots of decor that I used...

poms on my mantle. PS-if you are crafty at all, making them is the easiest thing in the WORLD! Here is the tutorial.

poms outside my house too...I love them, they are so festive!!!

I used a lot of's an inexpensive way to jazz up your table or glassware! Here I tied them onto the stem of wine glasses.

Every girl went home with a sweet bag (filled with candy or a cupcake) that said, "Thanks for being so SWEET!".

I am blessed to have met such a dear soul here in Kansas City...

love you Gigi!!!!


  1. It all turned out great. Gigi is lucky to have you as a friend:-)

  2. It seriously was the best ever. Everything looked so beautiful, and I felt so special, and really excited for this little girl that's coming! You got me in the girly mood! I can't thank you enough. What you failed to mention was the chik-fil-a nuggets!!! A pregnant girls dream! I was eating them like Kelly Bensimon eats her jelly beans!

    Um, and I'm just wondering WHY you aren't doing party planning for a living? Just saying.

    Love you.

  3. Loooving those poms! The invite is gorgeous too. Looks like a great sprinkle was had by all :)

  4. Thanks for the pom pom tip. The party looked divine!

  5. I am SO SORRY I missed it - it looks like a gorgeous party for a gorgeous girl. Sigh.

  6. So cute! What a great idea- I had never heard of a Sprinkle Shower! I am going to have to get one of those thrown for me especially if this little one is a boy! I have NOTHING! That tutu is adorable!
    Love all that you did- beautiful!

  7. I found your blog through P is for Party and I love it! I'll definitely be back!!

  8. Mel, just had to tell you that I saw your post today and just made the poms for a birthday party tonight! SOOO cute! Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  9. It all looks fabulous! I still can't get over what a cute idea a "sprinkle" is!



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