Saturday, August 15, 2009

To splurge or not to splurge, volume 1

You know I pride myself on being a bargain shopper. I LUUUUVE a great deal. But, there are times when you just have to suck it up and pay a little bit more to get what you want. In times when we are all trying to be a bit more economical, you have to weigh out the pros and cons of what is REALLY important. So it brings me to my current topic...tee shirts. I know you are all thinking, what the heck?! Tee shirts? But seriously...we have a million choices when it comes to these cotton tops, but, what do you do when you find the perfect tee shirt, AND it costs $60?!!!!

A.Olsen wearing my favorite deep vnk tee by LNA

2 years ago I purchased a Navy blue LNA deep vneck tee shirt. It was a time when I didn't have a child, I was still working and I often made frivolous purchases like this. And, of course, it has become my absolute favorite tee. It has the perfect v-neck, it's got short sleeves that aren't too tight and not too long, and it's super long through the body and it never shrunk in length. It angers me though, why does this perfect tee have to be $60!

What I found is that even though this shirt is way over priced, I have worn it to death and then some. It has gotten 3 times the wear that my cheapies from Old Navy or Target and I probably spent the same amount on 5 shirts that were worn for one season.

verdict: Once you find something you love, even if it is a "splurge" it will probably be worth it in the end because you will actually GET what you paid for!

what is your favorite "frivolous-splurge"?


  1. Boots! I splurged on cowboy boots and have never regretted it!

  2. A gorgeous agate necklace! So unique and I wear it tons in the summer.



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