Thursday, August 6, 2009

ShopBop's Fall Fashion recap!

I am so excited about our guest contributor today, it's my great friend Mollie who is the buyer/manager for Bop (storefront for! She is a mother, she works, and still manages to look FABULOUS all the time! I always go to her for the latest and greatest. She's sensible, stylish and the fact that she too is a mom makes her understanding of the importance of quality, value and great clothes for mom's on the go! O.K., so let's get down to is her recap of must-haves for Fall 09!
Bop Has a new website, what are the best new features
My favorite new feature is the 'shop your style' section. You can find it pulling down on the 'shop by...' tab in the top right corner. There are 5 styles in which to classify yourself - Bohemian, Casual Chic, Classic, Edgy, and Girly. Now, if you're like me, I find things in a lot of these 'profiles.' But, I know that I will find the most for me under Casual Chic, and Classic. And then, to accessorize, I will check out the other profiles. It takes some time out of the process of milling through the thousands of things on the site! I could probably spend my entire workday just looking for the perfect outfit it's so expansive.

Secondly, I love the 'top sellers' section. If you're trying to figure out 'what's in,' which is a question I repeatedly get from a lot of my Mommy friends who don't have as much time for themselves as they used to (ahh..the days of sitting on your couch on a Saturday, wondering what to do, milling through a Lucky magazine while watching 'What not to Wear.' Those days are SO gone!), this is the place to go. It basically is everything that's selling quick and selling out on the site, which means, the items must be 'in' for the general population of people who shop on

We are nearing the end of summer, transition is always a tough time...any suggestions for this?
I know Melanie could answer this question just as well as I could, maybe she can critique my answer. Leggings, leggings, leggings!!!
They are always a great transition piece to have in your closet as you trade in your shorts and skirts for cooler weather. you can do so much with leggings these days - wear them with a boyfriendy button down, a wide belt, and some great heels (or flats!), wear a slouchy long tee over them, possibly layering a menswear vest on top of that, and as you all kknow, you can put them under dresses if need be. That is just the tip of the iceberg. this fall, it's not just black leggings either. Velvet is making some adorable snakeskin print leggings that can go with a lot, and lace is also huge for fall in leggings. Look for lace leggings from both Velvet and LnA. Finally, latex leggings are still going strong. I know you're probably thinking you can't pull them off - but if I can, you can! I love mine!
1. SOMETHING LEATHER:. Probably the most versatile is a leather jacket. Almost every designer I saw for fall 09 had a leather jacket. Mike & Chris is always a great go-to for an amazing leather jacket....I am LOVING this one, in the Pinot color. Love that it has a hood, the 70's pleating detail on the chest, and and the crop style.

2. DISTRESSED JEANS: The higher-end you go, the more ripped up they get it seems. However, you can do this trend at any price point. My favorites and in our store are from AG and JBrand. These two brands seem to do the distressed look well, and the fit is still impeccable. Designers are doing the distressing in a lot of fits; skinny, boyfriend, basic bootcut, etc, so anyone with any body shape should be able to find something! here are some fav skinnies of mine by AG with a little distressing...

3. BOYFRIEND PIECES: You don't have to have any 'one' piece to get this look. Just take a gander in your man's closet and see what you can come up with! I have stolen a blazer or two out of my hubby's and worn them with some distressed jeans and a girlie top, a couple of button down shirts and paired them with leggings, flats, and a belt (as you can see that's a look i love), and even a cute JT-like vest! However, if your man isn't parting with his clothes, Elizabeth and James does a great job with boyfriend

4. BOOTIES:. Think what you may about this trend, but it's not going away. I love them in either black, or a nude tone, becasue both of those colors go with everything.
For those of you who have some cash to spend, here are some FAB ones, and for those who like the look for less like me, go for these!
5. ROMPERS AND JUMPSUITS: Maybe not for everyone, but a huge trend right now. If you pull down on the 'Clothes' tab, and click on rompers/jumpsuits, you'll find 4 pages worth of them! I saw a lot for fall, and they're continuing into resort. I know some of you think you may not be able to pull these off - but give them a chance. I AM OBSESSED with finding the perfect one for me. Which leads me to the next question.....
If you could pick just one item that you will for sure be purchasing for yourself, what would it be?


Any major trends in accessories?
I know this has been a 'must have' for a couple of seasons now, but I feel I must mention it as some of even my most stylish friends are still just now hopping on the bandwagon. Scarves. They instantly make whatever you're wearing a bit more fashionable and can dress up a plain white tank top in seconds. There are so many to choose from on shopbop....but here's a cool new one I like:

Secondly, necklaces that are either part of the shirt you're wearing, or ones that look like they might be part of the shirt you're wearing, a la anything Fiona Paxton on shopbop are huge. So dramatic, and provide an easy way to dress up an otherwise boring tank top or tee shirt. Notice a theme here? The recessionista-chic thing to do these days is to spend the $ on the denim and the accessories, and maybe chince a little on the tops and things that you can get at a cheaper price.


  1. Where to start? The booties? The necklace? The jacket? Love shopbop and love fall fashion!

  2. FINALLY! another mad men lover! yay!!! great post. i'm glad i'm in "the know" with everything and i just bought a necklace similar to the one above. i love how it makes any shirt ~ even a tee ~ look snazzy.



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