Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Lust List: Molly from A Piece of Toast Blog

And here is the other half of A Piece of Toast Blog, Molly! Molly has babysat for my nieces and nephews for years, but I recently have gotten to know her through the blog world and strings of emails. I wish her and Sally still lived in K.C., because even though I am almost 10 years their senior, I believe we would have a great time together. So, without further ado, here is Molly's spring lust list....


I lust after so many things.... Especially in the spring - it really can't be helped. But whatever it is (my biggest vices happen to be clothing and jewelry) there are several questions I ask myself before adding items to my "lust lists". I have to take a step back and really consider do I want this or do I need this. Sometimes wants outweigh needs. Sometimes I think and dream about an item for a few days before going back to a store or website and taking the plunge. Sally and I have a rule: if we can stop thinking about it and it sort of feels like life or death, get it, love it, and don't look back.

So since I've been thinking about pool time for the past two months, I have had the time to really asses what I want and what I need in preparation for spring (because don't be jealous, but spring time in Texas means pool time - visitors are welcome any time).

Here are a few of my needs:

Madewell straw fedora hat

I need this. For whatever reason I finally believe all the stuff my mom has been telling me about how harmful really is and no matter how much of a sun worshiper I am, I need to be safe. Not sure if I can pull off this look but I think it is more classic than hippster and I'm going to give it a try!

Havaianas flip flops

My Tory Burch flipflops finally bit the dust after 3 years of rough wear. Pretty excited to toss them and get a fresh and bright pair of Havaianas - which are wayyy more comfortable than the TB ones anyway :) in my opioion

Essie canyon coral

Ehhh, ok, I have tons of nail polish but I honestly feel like I am lacking a solid coral color worth of summer toes. Need.

Some wants that I may have to convince myself of:

J.Crew swimsuit

As far as I'm concerned, the J.Crew underwire swimsuits rule the pool. Whether you are small chested (like me) or have a little extra, they are so flattering and wear amazingly well with sun and chlorine. However... I've gotten a new one of these every year for the past 3 years... Last summer I was really bad and got 2 (I'm not lying, I really do think they are they greatest). But these nautical classic stripes are calling me. Maybe if it goes on sale?

Jake Spade Tote

This is my serious summer lust item. I realllly want this. If I was a full time nanny mcshanny and I knew I would be spending all of my hours poolside with kids for the summer I would buy it in a heartbeat. But, I wont be spending all of my daily hours outside - just weekend days. So can I justify the price for the offerings? I mean, it's not that it's just Jack Spade and classic as all get-out - the bottom half is dipped in rubber latex for serious durability... Lust, lust, lust!

Stayed tuned to see if I satisfy my wants and needs for the pool... And a big thank to the always amazing and sweet Melanie for inviting me and Sally to guest blog!!

xxoo - Molly


  1. The first two are staples in our house. Love your list Molly :)

  2. Great list! Love the Jcrew bikini and that tote is fabulous!



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