Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am adding to my reading list...

On this lazy Sunday, as my husband watches hours of March Madness basketball, I am catching up on all my daily blog reads. I have added quite a few new ones to the list, and here are just a few of my favorites...

I adore this blog, everything they post I would love to add to my shopping cart. They are 2 VERY stylish ladies residing in Texas and have a taste level that is through the roof. Follow them HERE

Apparently Obsessed is written by an adorable Kansas City Mom. It chronicles her current obsessions...everything from fashion to food. I am dying to try the Banana Sour Cream pancakes she linked back to toady...YUM!  Follow along Here

Brianna is another blogger to come out of Charleston, SC. Seriously, what is in the water there? You girls know how to blog! She is witty and creative, and I love reading her posts every day. Follow her Here 

If you happen to be planning a nursery, then head on over to Nursery Notations. You will find gorgeous inspiration and some unique ideas for your baby's room. She does a great feature called high vs. low, which highlights similar crib bedding at different price points. you can follow her HERE


  1. Excited to check out these new blogs! I love Brianna, she is hillarious, one of my favorite daily reads!

  2. ha that is exactly what I'm doing! Husband is watching endless hours of basketball while I get lost in the blogosphere! And watch Sex and the CIty... :) Pretty blissful, actually!

  3. Melanie! I'm so honored :) You're one of my daily reads too! xoxo

  4. Love that yours is one of my daily read blogs...and that you share so many other amazing ones! My blog list grows daily!



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