Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The short of it...

Yesterday I was at Forever 21, hunting for some sundresses...why I am shopping for Spring, I have no clue, it's like 30 degrees here...

One thing I decided I need is a little printed floral skirt. I picture wearing it with a striped top, some wedge sandals and maybe even my new navy blazer. After trying them all on, I was overwhelmed with frustration.

If you are over 15 and don't have sticks for legs you really should not be wearing something this short...

I wanted "shorter" just not so short that you barely cover your hoo-ha short, you know?

truly adorable, just not meant for me I the search continues!!!

both skirts featured can be found Here


  1. The length reminds me of my cheerleading skirts - barely covered anything. Good hunting!

  2. I was looking at those. I didn't even bother b/c I know my Pocket Book would be out!

  3. i hear ya on the appropriate skirt length! i'm 5'10", so i'm constantly dealing with this dilemma. especially at stores like F21!

  4. Totally agree. Forever 21 is made for 15 year olds that are super skinny. Agree with Molly too, I am 5'9 and everything is short on me! Good luck with your search!

  5. Such cute finds... I love the look but always need something a little longer than F21 is offering.



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