Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Nars Faves...

My friend and I stayed at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago, which just so happens to be connected to the Nordstrom building on Michigan Avenue. We loved it because you didn't even have to go outside, you just walked down a hallway and took the elevator down.

So, on Saturday night we had some time to kill and I suggested that Emily and I go and get our makeup done. I suggested Nars, because my friend Gina has gotten me totally hooked on the line. We had a great artist, her name is Adrienne if you live in Illinois, I would highly suggest her. She took quite a while (an hour for each of us) but we were so happy with the result. I don't have any pics to share, because my friend Jayme was the one with the camera Saturday night. But, if she does ever upload them, I will add them to this post.

I got 3 new products that I am in love with. First is the eyecream color Corfu. Gina had let me borrow this color from her and I am so glad that I now have one of my own. It is the prettiest shimmering taupe. I love it worn alone, or with shadow over the top to intensify the look. For a woman on the go, this product is magic. You can wear this and nothing else and walk out the door looking polished.

Since poppy red is such a hot color for Spring, I felt like I needed this in a lip color. I adore how Nars does a Matte Lipstick, and the artist suggested The Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Pop Life for my friend Emily. I immediately gushed over the color. They call it a true shimmering red, but I thought it came off pretty orange-red on me.

And then, the artist suggested to put Greek Holiday over the top for a more coral sort of "wet" look. I love the combination. It will be great bronzed skin and sundresses this summer. I also like it just alone for a very natural glossy look.

Do you love Nars too? What are your favorite colors?


  1. LOVE NARS!!! Buying the eye cream ASAP, THX!!! I love the organism blush and South Beach cream blush stick!!!


  2. I love orgasm blush too! Just the name alone makes you blush but it's the perfect peachy pink. I used to have two different blush colors, one for my cool make up days and one for warmer toned days. This one fits both, it's a 'multitasking' blush. When you have little ones, who doesn't love that!

  3. I am obsessed with Nars- I have even started using their skincare line. You'll love the "Corfu" color- I borrowed it from a friend one night and immediately purchased the next day!!

  4. I've stayed at the Conrad, I love how you take the elevator right on down to Nordstroms!!

  5. I love Nars. I am obsessed with their Bronzer and currently I am using the eyeshadows Ondine and Voyage. Voyage a great neutral eyeshadow and Ondine has a brownish purple tint. I can't wait to try that gloss and cream shadow!

  6. Love NARS! I've only used their bronzer, blush, and lipgloss before though. I love that cream eyeshadow though, I'll definitely have to give that a try!

  7. Love getting my makeup done at the counters at Nordstroms! I like that cream shadow a lot.I will have to check it out. I also like the poppy red lip look for spring but I am too scared to try it. I am such a plain jane with my makeup so maybe it would be good for me to try something bolder?

  8. Will def have to check all of these out... Love getting new make up!



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