Monday, October 18, 2010

Super (model) Moms

I decided to start a new feature on Scout called Super(model) Moms. Sure, we all love to get inspiration from celebrities and socialites, but some of the most fabulous women are those that we surround ourselves with daily.

I am lucky to have so many women in my life that I look up to. These women are smart, funny, stylish, impeccable, generous, thoughtful and creative. They may run a household, a business or both. They seem to do it "all" while looking chic and effortless. Oh and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...their little ones are mini fashion mavens for sure!

So, with this segment I bring to you some fabulous Super Mom's and an insight into their personal style, some of their go-to's and what inspires them.


Soni-She is a mother of 3 (all under age 5!). She has lived around the world (with her children and husband) and is now settled in California. She runs an amazing online store called Stringbean Co. which is filled with the best products for mom's and children that are all made in the U.S.A. Between running a business and chasing after 3 little ones, she also finds the time to cook entirely organic AND she uses cloth diapers!!! And as you can tell from this pic, she is absolutely stunning and on top of that she is always dressed to the nines. And her kids have their own individual style, in fact her oldest daughter looks through magazines and picks out her own hair cuts (see front bangs in picture). 

Here was my questionnaire for Soni:

1) What is your favorite "uniform"...your everyday go to outfit?
Paige Premium Denim Hidden Hills jeans or jeggings (depending on my shoes) so that when I bend over to pick up my kids or play on the floor, I don't have anything "peeking out" from the back side! Since I'm nursing, i wear a lot of layers on top - tank/T in something soft like James Purse or Splendid with cardigan or sweater over if it's cool. My T's/Tanks are usually basics and my cardigans and sweaters are bright colors and patters (mostly stripes, which I LOVE!)I'm wearing these boots a lot this fall (in tan):

2) If you could splurge on one item this season, what would it be?

3) How would you define your style?
I'm all over the map, but I guess I would say I'm most drawn to Boho Chic with a bit of rocker detailing and the occasionally preppy sweater/nautical stripes

4) Do you think you influence your kids fashion decisions? 
I try really hard not too - I want them to have an organic fashion sense  that doesn't aim to please me.  I encourage my kids to wear whatever they like (except on the rare occasion that a specific item is required: dance class, weddings, etc...) My girls have gone to school in everything from Lady Bug costumes to pettiskirts, to boys pants with skulls on them. My 4 year old especially loves to mix prints, and to be honest, she's pretty good at it! They go through phases where they only wear one or two certain outfits and I love to let them help me pick things out that they like in magazines or on the computer.  It gives me a sense of what they want to wear. My girls are very different about clothes, too, so I hope they remain independent that way! My little guy...we shall see.

5) What are your top 3 sites to shop for you? for shoes & bags (and the occasional splendid cardigan or denim) for clothing especially dress-up items
 & accessories also has an excellent contemporary clothing selection
All of my favorite sites carry a lot of USA made clothes - which is what I try to buy whenever I possibly can

6) Top 3 sites for your kids clothing?
Can I say  What?!?! It's true! I usually get large lots of clothes in a given size - i have hit many-a-jackpot on here and I kind of like the surprise!
(on that same note, I'm also really getting into lately)
For boys stuff for my little guy, but also super cute girls things, I love

7) When you were pregnant, what was one thing that always made you feel good/stylish/pretty?
A great pair of jeans is really helpful.  I tried to do dresses, but anything that wasn't a maxi had me looking like a big tent.

8) If you could raid the closet of one stylish person, who would it be?
Blake Lively (as Serena Van Der Woodson or herself) mixed with Heidi Klum.

9) As a mom, what are some of your must-have items?
A sturdy, lovely bag. I love a bit of edge to my bags, so they are usually leather with metal detail. Kooba is always great and lately I'm gravitating towards cross body bags for the ease of carrying the bag without having to hold it, all the while carrying one or two other bags, plus a couple of kids! Also, every season I get one pair of "flat shoes" flats or sandals or boots, depending on the season.  something I can chase kids around in and still keep the outfit chic when i run out of the house. This fall I got a darling pair of hot pink Hunter Wellies for the rainy season. And Seychelles are affordable shoes but oh. so. cute with everything.  I have a million pairs. lastly, my diamond studs are the earrings I usually wear and they are worth every penny I spent on them.

10) What is a favorite "budget" item in your closet?
A navy military jacket from Forever 21 (which actually  makes quite a few of its clothes in the USA!). I got it for $17 nearly 2 years ago and STILL wear it regularly!

Thanks Soni for sharing!!! If you have anyone you would like to nominate for this segment please email me at  


  1. I absolutely LOVE this post and the idea of honoring a mom not only for her beauty, but ability to do it all. I'm a new mommy - and I try!! :)

    I will check out her site too. Great blog - loving it!


    November Grey

  2. Oh this makes miss Soni! Great interview

  3. That was a fun is so great to be inspired by other women, and to have someone to relate to!


  4. What a fun idea! I will definitely look forward to these posts!

  5. Great post! Love love love the idea!




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