Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rub a dub dub

Sophie lovers UNITE! She is now equipped for the bathtub, complete with an inner tube and the ability to squirt. Is this just not adorable? We often used Sophie in the bath, but this solves the problem of ruining the squeaker and getting water inside of her. 

 I always love to give a new mom all the bath accessories as a shower gift and I think Bathing Sophie would fit in perfectly with some of my other bath time favorites...

The First Years tub was awesome. It has a side for infants and a side for them to sit up once they are able to.  $18.99 on Amazon

We tried many different bubble baths, but this is far and away our favorite. It smells SOOOO good! We use the bedtime lotion as well.

We have had these Munchkin cups in our bath since Julian was a baby and he still loves them! They have holes to sift the water through, and they stack. We even bring them to the pool! Seriously, hours of fun with these...$5.99 on Amazon

and we can't forget a hooded towel! These are the best, aren't they? I am loving this personalized whale towel by tiny Sunshine on Etsy $25


  1. I have that bathtub and only just now realized that it has two places to sit! Duh!

  2. We are pretty darn obsessed with Sophie in this house! Who knew a toy that looks and sounds like a dog toy would bring a baby so much entertainment! Definately need to get the bath one and love the munchkin cups- great ideas:)

  3. Sophie also has FRIENDS now - same brand! Currently, you can only find them at Brookside Toy. They are bizarre, alien like creatures, but very cute. And they have a nub on the top of their heads even a 13 month old will chew on. Fun!

  4. great pics. We had that bath tub, still use that bubble bath for both kids and of course we love sophie! I may have to get that for my friend that is pg.

  5. My daughter had Sophie and absolutely LOVED her. Until she lost her. She got over it, but now that she's bigger and bath time is so fun, I must get her the bath time Sophie!



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