Monday, October 4, 2010

A match made in heaven

My husband and I are big "foodies".  I wouldn't say we are food snobs, we just really love good food...whether it is a hole in the wall diner, or a 5 star restaurant. And really, you can't talk about food without mentioning wine. They really go hand in hand.

We pretty much hit sensory overload on our Napa trip when it comes to all of the tastes that we encountered. I won't discuss every meal, just highlight a few of our faves and one BIG disappointment.

picture via Bistro Jeanty

High on our list was Bistro Jeanty . A classic french restaurant with a cozy bistro feel and an incredible menu that leaves you pondering what to order because there are just so many great things to choose from. It was our last dinner on the trip and at that point we had really indulged ourselves. I made the mistake of ordering a tomato soup that comes served in a puff pastry and Jonathan started with the steak tartare which was enough for 6. Our first courses were so delicious and filling, it was hard to finish our entrees (which were also outstanding). If you love French food, this is a MUST.

Lunch at Redd

When we first arrived in Yountville, we were starving. We somehow ended up in a small tasting room, where the girl recommended Redd  for lunch. Little did we know, it would end up being one of our favorite meals! Richard Reddington is a renowned chef who focuses on a creative, seasonal menu with influences from all over the world. We shared the most flavorful Tuna Tartare and an unbelievable proscuitto, fontina, arugula and parmesan pizza. Their pastry chef also just won the James Beard award, so I can imagine their dessert menu is pretty spectacular as well!

home made mozzarella and Tomato salad at Bottega

We shared a wonderful meal with our friends at Bottega , chef Michael Chiarello's restaurant. From start to finish it was all very good. You could just tell that the ingredients were so fresh and nothing felt like "heavy" Italian. I had a homemade potato gnocchi with fresh vegetables that was to die for. I wish I would have had the caprese that my husband enjoyed (pictured) it was so delicious and that homemade mozzarella...amazing!!!! Definitely sit outside if you go there. The patio has great ambience and good energy. Our waiter there was one of the best...he was able to deal with our "high maintenance" table (who had a few too many drinks...)

look at how happy Jonathan is!!! Home made doughnuts at Boon Fly Cafe 

the best thing I ever ate...Green Eggs and Ham

I am a HUGE breakfast fan. I could eat it every meal, that is how much I love it. So when we nestled in to our booth at the cozy  Boon Fly Cafe , I got pretty pumped when I saw all the goodness on their menu. I had a very hard time deciding, but ended up going with the Green Eggs & Ham. It was seriously, one of the best things I have ever eaten. The ham was super thin, the poached eggs were perfectly cooked little pillows and the sauce....oh my....And if you go there you MUST try their doughnuts as a side item. Light and sugary and perfect dunked in coffee. Can you hear my stomach rumbling? I would go back in a heartbeat!

Macarons at Bouchon Bakery

I just can't say enough about Bouchon bakery . I went there 2 times just for "snacks". If you are a sweet lover, these are some of the best pastries you will ever have. You can sit outside and enjoy your treats with coffee and just people watch. It's a lovely little spot. Oh and the Macarons even traveled home with me in my carry on :) 

view from the Terrace at Auberge 

 The biggest disappointment of the trip was our dinner at Auberge Du Soleil .  Auberge is a gorgeous resort set up in the hillside of the Napa Valley. With breathtaking views, it is definitely a must-see. Dinner on the other hand was not a good experience for us. It was insanely expensive, our waiter was very stuffy and impersonal and truthfully the dinner was just so-so. Maybe our expectations were too high? Drinks on the terrace were lovely, but save your money and go somewhere else for dinner.

One can bring wine to any restaurant in Napa for a small corkage fee. We would pick up bottles at our tastings and bring them to dinner! It will save you some money and that way you can enjoy the wines that you have tasted throughout your trip!!!


  1. I am so incredibly jealous of your trip, we're dying to get up to Napa sometime soon. I haven't been since high school, and can't wait to go again and really appreciate it.

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