Monday, October 25, 2010

Pattern + Color

I had read about Oilo's Baby Line probably a year ago, and I had bookmarked their site. I was flipping through old bookmarks today and was glad to re-discover them! It is such a pretty line filled with fabulous pattern and sophisticated colors.

I also love that it is sort of gender neutral, so you can play with the colors a bit and add a touch of pink or a touch of blue where needed. This Wheels Motif crib collection caught my eye right away. I am really on a navy kick right now, it's such a clean color and looks great mixed with a kelly green, yellow or turquoise. 

If you didn't do the striped lighting fixture, you could totally stripe one wall. I love the idea of mixing stripes with the abstract print in the bumper.

all of the crib sets are $399 and include the bumper, sheet and skirt. Swatch cards are also available for $5

and don't get me started on the lighting, I am obsessed with these striped lamps!!!!

They also come in solids as well...


  1. How is that for timing?! I literally just clicked "publish post" on my blog (topic: completely no idea what to do with #2's nursery!) when I saw that you had just published this one! Can't wait to check out their site!

  2. If we were having a boy the navy and white bedding was what I had picked out along with the striped light. I thought it would also look cute accenting it with lime green and gray items.

  3. I can't stop staring at those drum pendants?!?!?!!? neeeeeeed one!

  4. Stunning. I'll have the navy and white! Do i have to have a baby though or can i sleep in the crib myself! ha

  5. Those are SERIOUSLY fantastic! When I'm designing my babe's room, I'm coming to you for inspiration!

  6. I love how far nurseries have come recently. Those drum shades are really cool- even in an adult space!



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