Monday, October 11, 2010

Call Me...

I have a major thing for paper products. Especially those with vibrant colors and patterns. So when I came across Pixielimpress, I totally fell in love!!! The designer uses zig-zags and Ikats...and the color combos are outstanding. And really, every woman should have a pretty calling card, no?


  1. so pretty! reminds me of missoni!

  2. Ok, I am officially obsessed with these business cards. They are GORGEOUS! I am going to have to create a job for myself so I can order these!

  3. looove these! I think I just might have to order. I had a random thought the other day similar to this idea. I think someone should make clutch cards. When I carry clutches, I never can put much into them. I would love a set of cards I can disperse among my clutches that list my contact info in case one goes missing at a party. How many times do you set your clutch down at a bar high or under a table and walk off?? I do OFTEN!

  4. thanks melanie! so glad you like the calling cards. and christi... these are totally adaptable to 'clutch cards'. info on a card can be changed to 'if found, please call.....'



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