Monday, May 3, 2010

Francis...where have you been all my life?

It is rare to stumble across a clothing line that I not only have never heard of, but one that just blows me away. This weekend we happened to be shopping at Hall's Department store (if you are not from Kansas City, it is a wonderful upscale store owned by Hallmark). I happened to swing through the ladies department and I saw this rack of the most gorgeous, colorful clothing that I have seen in a long time! The line is called Francis.

Of course as soon as I got home, I hopped on my computer to do some research. The line is by famed designer Christian Francis Roth, whose iconic "Rothola" crayon dress won him the coveted "Perry Ellis award for new fashion" by the CFDA in 1990. He took a bit of a hiatus and is now back with this amazing line that you can't help but love!

The line is filled with fabulous dresses, perfect for weddings or showers or just a night out. I love their unique style and bold color palette. The silhouettes are modern, but totally wearable and chic.

We are so lucky to have this gem of a line right here in Kansas City!  Here are some of the styles that our Hall's will be carrying. And many thanks to Christian himself for responding to my email and sharing all of these images.

These would be lovely for an afternoon wedding, or a bridal shower...

A dress you could take from day to evening...

I do love a bold stripe...

Red and ruffles? This dress screams "MELANIE"! 

He had me at pink it!

what do you think? Do you own any Francis?


  1. Those are incredible! Where can I shop online for them?

  2. Francis is not online in the US at the moment, but if you email us at we can tell you where your closest retailer is. If we're not sold in your city you can order from us directly.


    - Christian

  3. These are FABULOUS! Love the colors + cuts! xx

  4. What a great designer!! These dresses are killer for the Spring and Summer. That ruffle mini is so cute I just might burst into flame!! haha! Great find!!


  5. Why is it that only ladies in KC are allowed to have these? I want the orange tiered strapless number. ;0)

  6. That striped dress in the pic with the umbrella? Yes, please. I'll take three.



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