Thursday, April 29, 2010

The perfect package

image via Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop

I am not the type of girl that just throws a gift into a bag with some tissue paper. I think my mom was the one who always inspired me to truly "wrap" a gift. My mom is the queen of beautiful packages, in fact, she has a whole closet full of goodies to make a package look pretty! When I saw this gorgeous site, I immediately thought of her.

image via Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop

Anything from the Gilded Bee's Etsy shop would make a gift unique. From her paper butterflies to her gift tags, they are all hand-made and most definitely one of a kind! 

Stunning Paper Butterflies...

Sophisticated gift tags...

And the perfect paper flowers...

and even the twine to wrap around the package is pretty!

With all of this, you might make a gift so beautiful it won't want to be opened!


  1. beautiful. I am the same way I always have to have nice gift wrap or accessorize up the gift bag and so forth! Its all about presentation!

  2. Love it! This is totally up my alley. Off to shop.



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