Monday, May 24, 2010

The Perfect Design...

Some people talk about designing clothing, or a home or art. Not Tracy Anderson, she talks about designing your body. And I have to give it to the girl, she knows what she is doing. I believe this is my 3rd post about Tracy Anderson, and I know it's a little excessive, but I am SO impressed with her new design series videos, I just had to share...

A friend of mine ordered the 3 video set and offered to do a swap with me (I gave her my Mat DVD for 2 of the design series) She gave me Sequence 1 (beginners) and  Sequence 2 (intermediate) She said she didn't bother bringing the 3rd video, because it is just THAT HARD. I have to believe her, because after doing video #2, I am dying.

What I love about Sequence 2 is the extensive leg workout (my problem area) and the unique moves that she does not do in any of her other videos. She also does an amazing ab workout, using a chair that I can already tell is going to pay off. The standing ab routine is one step crazier than the one she does in her Mat feel like you are doing the African Ant eater ritual from Can't buy me love...BUT, I have to trust that it works!

The one thing missing from this video is an arm workout, although I feel like you are using your arms throughout the entire leg portion. It's hard to explain without showing, but there are a lot of leg extensions holding the chair, which requires you to use your back, arms and shoulders.

I have to admit, I have not done Sequence #1, I decided since I have been doing her videos for a while, I would probably be ready for the intermediate video. #2 is certainly challenging, but not impossible. She has me hooked, yet again. And, just in time for swimsuit season...

You can purchase any of her DVD's HERE


  1. Ok, I am STILL laughing out loud at the "African ant eater comment"!!! I can only imagine what the sequence is like and I certainly felt like a fool doing one of them from the video I have. I am such a gym's so hard for me to make myself work out to a video at home. But I bought 2 of them after your rave reviews and need to get to it! =) We're going to Jamaica in a month!

  2. Thanks Mel! Was wondering about these as the Mat video is now EASY! I never ever thought I would say this! Am still working up my reps in the post prego video, but since I have actually stuck with all of these videos (which I never have done with the millions in the past), I think I deserve the Sequence Videos. ha ha.
    I am also obsessed with TA, so thanks for the post!



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