Wednesday, April 7, 2010


For all you moms out there that have a boy, you know how hard it is to find different, cute, stylish boys stuff. There is an occasional gem here and there, but it takes some time to search out and find the GOOD STUFF. Well, I stumbled across a great line of boys novelty tees, and guess what? They don't cost a fortune!

The line is Wes and Willy.  Apparently they have been around since 1989, but I have never seen them before! I found them on a great boy site called Pure Boy Then I went to their site to see what else they had to offer. Apparently they do pants, jeans, swim trunks and even a girls line!!!!!

The boys stuff is edgier in feel, but not too over the top. I just love the tee shirts...FINALLY a cool graphic tee that doesn't have Elmo & Friends on it...which, let's all just admit there is at least one in the closet!

by FAR my favorite. I am a Minnesota girl, with a love for Hockey.

like the washed out look of this tee...

this screams ADDISON AND FINN! (Julian's best playmates) Gina and like?

I do not have links to the bottom 2, but they were found HERE

Such a sucker for stripes and this LaCrosse tee

Great applique, great color.

And for my Scout followers, I did a bit of store research on Wes and Willy. Here is some store info:

Chicago: psycho baby. LMNOP, E Street, Stinky Pants and Von Maur
Indiana: Von Mauer, Pipers in Valparaiso and Fishers
Kansas/Missouri: Von Maur
Minnesota: Doozie, Kids on Division, Banana's, Tangerine at Wildflowers, Von Maur
California: too many too list!


  1. WOW this stuff is so cool! Wish I had a boy to dress :)

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. LOVE!!!!! The skull and the plaid is perfection, and I am obsessing over the eagle henley!!!! Way to go Ms.Scout!!!

  3. Thanks for mentioning us in your blog,please continue to check us out,Fall fashions will hit the stores in July and August!Also we invite fans to our facebook page.



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