Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's give a big blog welcome...

I could not be more thrilled to introduce to you all Mascara Meets Matchbox, my dear friend Mollie's new blog!

Mollie and her gorgeous family

Mollie and I met 8 years ago in Chicago, when we were both working for retailer, Mark Shale. We started at the same time, and the moment we started chatting it up, I knew there was a connection...we had mutual friends, she was from Kansas City (where my husband is from), and embarrassingly, we both loved Britney Spears. In fact, the 2 of us ran to Anthropologie on Rush Street to stalk Britney Spears. Dear lord...I am going to blame it on the fact that I was 23.

 Mollie was only at Mark Shale for a few years when she got the opportunity of a lifetime. To buy for Bop in Madison Wisconsin (the storefront behind none other than SHOPBOP.COM!) I was so sad to see her go, but I knew that we would always remain in touch.

And we did. We were both buying, so we would meet up in NY during buying trips. Whether it was lunch, or dinner or just chatting at the shows, it was like time never passed.

Mollie is an amazing woman. She is hilarious, smart, and has always had a keen eye for fashion. Her blog will be entertaining I assure you! Whether it is fashion, mommyhood, adjusting to life in a new city, adjusting to being a SAHM, adjusting to having 2 kids (one on the way!) will be a one you will want to follow.

Good luck Mollie, I can't wait to see what your blog may bring.


  1. Good luck Miss Molly! I'm already a fan of your blog!

  2. Melanie thanks for the welcome! How sweet! And I can't believe you outed us about Britney....ugh. Yes let's chalk it up to being 23.

  3. I CAN'T believe shopbop is from Madison!! My husband is from there and we tried it for a year. (I actually only lasted 10 months, but who was counting--moi!). I guess us coasties are a bit snobbish. There is plenty of style everywhere. I have to pass you on to my sister-in-law. She'd love your blog. You could possibly even know her, as she was a young, stylish single living in Chicago about the same time you and The Huntress were. She worked for Charlie Trotter. Now she's in Milwaukee with new babies writing the most hilarious facebook posts ever. Maybe your blog will inspire her to start one. 'Til then I'll be enjoying yours :)



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