Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can't sleep...

and you want to know why? Because in 2 days, I am going here...

and will be spending a lot of time here...

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY... we will be celebrating a union of 2 amazing people. I could not be more excited for my beautiful friend Jill...

who is marrying this man...

the love of her life!

The icing on the cake?! Being able to spend time with these GIRLLLLLSSSSSS!

picture ca. 2001

The last time we were all in Miami together was for MY bachelorette...5 years ago!

en route to the Delano

at amazing restaurant/club-Grass

It will without a doubt be an amazing weekend!!!! It might be a bit like girls gone wild (minus the flashing of course) 2 of us will be husband/kid free,  2 of the girls have 8 week old babies (and have left them in good care at home) and with that being said, place us all in a phenomenal spot like Miami...HELLOOOO!!!!!!

I am sure I will have some great stories and pics to post next week!



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