Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that my baby (pictured in his first week of life) is turning 1 in two months...I seriously don't know where this last year has gone?! It's so cliche, but the first year does fly by, despite all the sleepless nights and pure exhaustion from learning how to be a parent for the first time!

In honor of this amazing year, we HAVE to put together a fabulous party for our little guy! I have already started planning, because a lot of the items I want to buy are custom and if you have ever shopped party supplies on Etsy, the artists cut off orders months in advance. Here are my ideas for Julian's circus themed first birthday!

I picked the theme based on an outfit that was gifted to us when Julian was just a baby. It is a jon-jon that is red gingham with an elephant applique. It it just too cute and I have been waiting for him to finally grow into it. You can find items similar to this on the Bestdressedshild.com.

I found these perfect invitations on Etsy and I immediately got inspired. I thinkthe pinwheel idea is perfect! It adds a really cute element to a circus themed party.

I was also thrilled to find that she had mini-pinwheel cupcake toppers!!!! The best part is you get to pick the paper that she will use for the pinwheels. Since we are doing mainly primary colors, I will probably stick with that in stripes and dots. The designer, Crossroads Cottage has other fabulous birthday ideas to choose from.

One of my all time favorite sites for unique/custom party supplies, Gaddie and Tood has the best pary hats. I am going to get one for our little guy, in hopes that he will wear it...even if it is just for one photo! I will probably do a red and blue polka dot with a glittery "1" and his name printed below it. For all the detail and work put into them, they are really a good deal at $15.

Lastly, I will definitely do a banner for his high chair or possibly one to hang in the house. I love these by WhimzyCreations on Etsy. But, thankfully my mom has the custom paper cutter by Cricut and we will probably make them ourselves using coordinating paper and ribbon to match my circus theme.

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  1. I can NOT believe he will be 1 soon! Are you going to get him a hansen's cake???!!!!



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