Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't Sweat It!

One of the most annoying things when you are working out is if your hair is in your face while you are sweating. It's hard enough to get through 30 minutes on the stair-stepper or a cardio kick box class, let alone if you are constantly wiping the sweat or hair out of your eyes! I have the perfect (stylish) solution for you! Sweaty Bands!
My favorite sport boutique in Kansas City, Steel Ballet, now carries this amazing line of headbands. They are fabric on the top with elastic that runs underneath. This eliminates the head-splitting pinching that you sometimes get from other headbands. The thing that I love the best is that the top is lined with a strip of velvet that prevents the band from slipping while you are excercising or playing a sport. I wore one for an entire day and I was amazed that it didn't slip and that I could wear it all day long without wanting to rip it off my head!!!!

The creator of this line is a mother of 3 and a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She started making the headbands to be able to buy more music for her classes and to further her education. I love her story and I love her product! They are $15 on


  1. I was JUST looking for some cute headbands!!!!!! thx Mel

  2. These look a lot like toggle bands.

    Things Mommies Love

  3. I'm addicted to stretchy headbands. Fabulous find!

  4. adorable yet practical. i'm a runner so these babies would come to good use.



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