Wednesday, July 15, 2009

T&D, you take me away...

Yes, I am talking about Tori and Dean (and Patsy and Buggie and Monkey too)...My latest Reality Show addiction (thank you Gina and Amy). I figured if 2 fabulous friends of mine love this show, then I for sure will love it too. No surprise, I am TOTALLY hooked.

Since there is no way in hell my husband would ever watch it, I DVR it and reserve it for my son's 1:00 naptime. It's like my takes me away to another place. I laugh, I cry, I empathize (even though she has a full-time nanny and has a celebrity paycheck and an unbelievable wardrobe....) It is refreshing to see a Celebrity Mom really put herself out there and admit that she's not perfect, that she struggles with the day-to-day stuff and that life isn't easy. Kudos to her for keeping it real. Except for those enormous fake bubbies of course.

Tori is launching a children's line called Little Maven this fall. I was actually able to find a small selection on Bloomies website. So far there were only 15 items, only girls. I am hoping the boys stuff will
be arriving soon. Here is a knit "Missoni" inspired dress for infant and toddler girls. So cute!!!


  1. she doesn't know what she's missing by not being our friend.
    i mean, we could have watched Liam while he was sick so she could go to the party!!!

  2. Oh I didn't know Tori was also doing a baby line? I just discovered her jewelry collection which is not bad at all! Thanks for posting!

  3. Good to see I'm not the only person who totally thinks they can be friends with Tori! Not in the weird way the crazy lady at the Farmer's Market thought she could - in a normal way :)



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