Monday, July 20, 2009

It's the little things...

If you have ever lived in Chicago (or even visited) You may have happened upon a wonderful little beauty supply store on Oak Street called Bravco. It's tucked away in a 2 story brownstone (2 doors down from Barney's Chelsea Passage entrance) and it is full of tons of little gems in the beauty supply world.

One of my favorite things that they carry hair accessories by a brand called Smoothies. Now, these aren't your normal ponytail holders or bobby pins. The Bobby Pins come in brown, black and gold to match your hair color. They also make ones that are really small that are perfect for those of us with thinner hair. They are great for when you want to do little twists and braids because they tuck perfectly into your without being noticed.

Their Blax Snag free hair elastics are the best! They prevent hair from breakage and they also come in different colors and thicknesses. I love the clear ones because again, you can do many different things with your hair and you don't have to deal with a big thick ponytail holder.

Since I am no longer within walking distance to Bravco, I now have to order Smoothies products online. Thankfully they have a WONDERFUL website. Check it

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  1. oh bravco, i miss you too! even if you only accepted cash, because you are sort of mafia affiliated.



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