Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bohemian Beauty

Nicole, make ANYTHING look good. Whether it's being crazy Paris Hilton's BFF, or wasting away to 90 still inspired me with your unique bohemian look. I have to say that you are currently rocking your maternity style. I LOVE it! You inspire many prego ladies out there to have the effortless style that you always exude. If you would like to duplicate Nicole's prego-chic, here are a few looks to get you started.

The Maxi Dress

Nicole is often spotted wearing great Maxi-Dresses. I wore them a lot too while pregnant. They are SO comfortable and they accommodate a growing belly. With this style of dress you really don't have to buy maternity. Just size up if you need to fit your newly enlarged ta-ta's and expanded rib cage. Gypsy 05 makes the best maxi-dresses. here is one of their new styles for summer. It comes in 4 great colors, but black and white is always classic!

The Long Skirt

When I was pregnant last summer, I busted out a lot of my long skirts (circa the 2005 peasant look) The great thing about this season is that the look is back! Nicole is photographed wearing many versions of the long skirt, but I personally love this black and white stripe version from Rachel Pally-the maker of exquisite cotton Jersey. When you are prego, Cotton Jersey is your friend. It's machine washable and it gives with your growing body. Pair this with a solid tank, some fabulous gold chains and some gladiators and you are good to go.

Simple and Sophisticated

Wearing all Black and adding great Accessories is an easy way to look fabulous when pregnant. It also makes you look slimmer when you are having one of those "days" as we all do during the long 9 months. I noticed that Nicole does a lot of long tanks with leggings or black dresses and then throws on a fedora, scarf or one of her gazillion pieces of amazing jewelry. If you want to do an oversized tank, Alexander Wang makes the most unbelievable cotton tees and tanks. They are over-priced, I will give you that, but they are amazing quality and would last longer your Target tees.

If you don't want to spend a lot, American Apparel has some unique tee shirt silhouettes. I love this fine-jersey racerback dress, which would be perfect as a top for you prego ladies out there.

Nicole Richie by stylescout featuring Alexander McQueen shoes

Here is a litte Nicole Richie "inspired" Polyvore creation

Nicole Richie

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