Sunday, June 7, 2009

A summer wedding, a stylish affair...

I am sitting in front of my computer with puffy eyes, no voice and a champagne withdrawal. All results of a FABULOUS, fun-filled wedding weekend in Michigan.

The backdrop was this...the Country Club of Detroit. A very traditional club nestled in the trees of Grosse Pointe, Michigan. So traditional actually that you still have to wear all white to play tennis there. It had a wonderful retro feel and it was the perfect setting for E & T's preppy pink and green themed wedding. The groomsmen wore Vineyard Vines cummerbund and Bow Ties and the bridesmaids were decked in adorable peridot green dresses from J.Crew. The bride was stunning in a Lace and Tulle gown with one of the prettiest lace trimmed Spanish style veils I have seen. The decor was all shades of pink and green, complete with palm trees, candle light and my favorite flowers, peonies and hydrangeas.

As I looked around the room I started to notice something...there was not a fashion catastrophe in sight! No crazy aunt in some terrible colored polyester suit. There was no cousin who came to the event in Jeans (yes, I've seen this before). There was also nobody in something too short or too tight or too revealing...all I saw was a sea of impeccably dressed and stylish guests.

I know, this may sound trivial, but I was seriously impressed. It made me happy to see people put some effort into their fashion choices and to step out of the box of typical "wedding" attire.
I saw a woman with the most interesting black patent gladiator type heels with a big pink bow on the back...amazing. There was a gentleman who wore a white dinner jacket and tortoise shell glasses, very Ralph Lauren. There was a girl in a stunning navy blue dress with a sea of ruffles on the bottom ( I should have asked her who it was by!!!). Another girl had on a black dress that had feathers all along the bottom. She took the LBD and made it completely unique! My good friends who were there did not disappoint in the style department either...

My friend Meredith who has a closet that I could raid and find a million things I love wore the most amazing dress to the rehearsal dinner. The brand is Thread Social, they make some of the most gorgeous and unique dresses I have seen. Every girl was oohing and aahing over it, and with good reason. It's a show-stopper! I am sorry to report that this dress is TOTALLY SOLD OUT...I already tried looking for it myself. But, I would keep checking back to their website because they did this particular style in multiple colors last spring, so maybe they will decide to bring it back.

My friend Winnie wore a GORGEOUS vintage Emma Domb floral dress that she got at Lulu's at the Belle Kay in Chicago. We were giggling as we got ready, because she was having a bit of a June Carter-Cash moment in the long rose printed dress with ruffles at the neck. With her hair swept up off her neck and with long white chandelier earrings, she could not have looked more stunning.

Yours truly-pictured to the right wore a "sort of vintage" dress. It's a 3 year old gown that is one of my favorites. I don't have many places to wear it, because it is full length. It has all my favorite colors and the bottom swirls and moves beautifully when you walk or dance. I was so glad to be able to wear it again to this wedding.

Some fabulous shoes were spotted too...This time I made sure to ask what they were. Check out these knock-outs by L.A.M.B. They have a feather detail back complete with Pailettes. This shoe would take a simple black dress to the next level. Where can you get these lovely shoes? None other than one of my fave stores...shopbop


  1. Wow do I love L.A.M.B. Their shoes are so divine!

  2. Melanie ~ I stumbled upon your blog through Anne Summa's site and I am so glad I did. You have officially been added to my daily and somtimes thrice daily blog checks! I love all your advice; you have a great sense of style.

    I too have a little boy (11 mos.) and am always looking for fun, but not too "mommy" pieces. Oh and some great clothes for little boys....why oh why does everything have to have a saying?

    Thank you for starting such a great blog! I look forward to many more great ideas!

    Did you go to IU, by chance? You look awfully familar!

    Alison Hunt



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