Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deck out the kiddos-starting at $5!

O.k. bargain hunters...my peeps over at H&M (my FAVE, FAVE, FAVE-too bad we don't have one in KC!) gave me the inside scoop that their summer sale for kids is starting TOMORROW. Best part is, prices start at $5. Seriously, you can't beat that for things that they will be rolling in sand, kool-aid and popsicles in for the next few months. 

I personally love this bikini with Cherry Accent and these adorable hibiscus print board shorts. So, call your babysitter so you can make this trip alone. You have some SERIOUS shopping to do!

For more details visit hm.com


  1. I am literally pitching a road trip to St. Louis to Jared RIGHT NOW!

  2. Why oh why is there no H&M in Tampa????



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