Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going back to my roots...

My parents grew up in the same small town in North Dakota. My Mom grew up on a ranch and the above picture is actually my Mom with her sisters and cousins. How precious are their little boots?! I love them! I am taking my 9 month old with me on this trip to visit family. I am so anxious for him to see the miniature pony that my Aunt has, it's only 3 feet tall. Perfect for a darling photo op!

Since I will be gone for 10 days, I had to make sure to pack my essentials. Here are some things that I would never leave home without!

I adore Love Quotes scarves. I have about 4 of them and I use them constantly! I have the cotton ones, and they are wonderful for travel because you can either tie them around your neck, or use it as a wrap for when it is freezing (as airplanes usually are)! I had a hard timefinding the cotton online, but I found a ton of the Linen. Shopbop.com had the best color selection for $88

I swear, I never used to be a big J.Crew fan, but in the recent years I have come to love them! I believe they havea new designer, because their looks are completely different and aren't so "cookiecutter". Their "Jackie"cardigan is a must! It comes in an
array of colors and it's super soft cotton with a touch of lycra, so that it won'tstretch out. They wash up beautifully and have a perfect fitted silhouette. I throw them on over everything...from casual to dressy. If you want them, order quick, as they are on sale for 39.99!

My husband surprised me with these Tom Ford "Whitney" sunglasses for Christmas this year. I have a bit of a collection of shades and these have turned out to be my favorite out of all of them. What I love about them is that they are so light, you barely feel that they are on. They don't have any "bling", which I am not a huge fan of. They are the perfect shade of dark brown-so dark they almost look black. They also cover tired puffy eyes when your baby doesn't sleep all night!

My summer wardrobe is basically either dresses or white bottoms paired with tops. I LOVE my White Joe's Honey jeans. For those of you who may have a smaller waist and curvier hips and a booty, this jean is the best. In fact...they call it the Booty fit! No more gaping at the waist and it's comfy throug
h the hip and thighs. I wear them so much, I should really have 2 pairs.

I can't really show up without cowboy boots, right? On the left are my pair of Cowboy boots that I got at this amazing store, Nathalie, in Santa Fe. You better believe that little J also has a pair-courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.


  1. oh my gosh i thought that picture of the kids was fake. how cute is your mom and her sibs! the boots are so tiny. i love it!

  2. Those sunnies are so fabulous! I live for me Luchesse cowboy boots but don't get to wear them nearly enough!



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