Monday, June 8, 2009

Future Mom in Manolo's

Is your pregnant friend always ahead of the fashion curve? Does she still rock her stiletto's even while pregnant? This type of friend is not the easiest to shop for...she will have high standards, and you better believe she's not putting her kid in anything from Carter's.  If you need some extraordinary gift ideas, look no further. I've scouted out some great ideas for you!

Bloch-the maker of ballet shoes since 1932 has launched a baby line. Made of luxurious Italian leather, and expertly crafted for comfort and style, and designed to protect a baby's growing feet. These shoes could not be more adorable. Even if they don't get a lot of wear, they would make a perfect addition to a shelf in the babies nursery. My personal favorites are the pair with Cherries on them or the ruffle front in pink sheepskin.  In the USA, there aren't many retailers that have them yet. The 2 stores that I found you can purchase online were Madison & Friends and Oh Baby Austin

You can never go wrong with buying someone a book. My favorite for fashionista friends is called This Little Piggy Went to Prada. This darling book takes classic nursery rhymes and turns them into tongue-in-cheek fun stories tailored to your oh-so-chic BFF. The illustrations are just gorgeous. It is the perfect addition to any nursery and will without a doubt receive oohs and aahs at your next baby shower. If you live in Kansas City, this book is available at Lauren Alexandra.

Who doesn't love being in head to toe Cashmere? Your friend will adore you if you pick up some 3 ply for her baby as well.  Eye Spy makes interesting Cashmere ensembles for boys and girls. I personally love this one-piece with striped footies at the bottom. It comes in Aqua blue and a shade of Lilac, perfect for a little boy or girl. You can find this and other pieces from the brand on 


Mrs John L. Strong, maker of exquisite stationary is sadly going out of business. BUT, Best & Co (in Bergdorf Goodman) is still carrying some of their items.  A posh mommy will adore these Playdate Invitations. Could you imagine getting one in the mail? How regal would that be?! It's perfect for the Mom who has everything!

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