Thursday, February 7, 2013

The very best baby blanket

For all of you moms out there, you know how many blankets you receive as gifts. Some are hand knitted, some may have a minky dot, some might be fleece. It's really hard to tell not only which blanket your child will make their favorite, but also which will stand the test of time.

My cousin sent Vivi a blanket from an organic company called Robbie Adrian. I had never seen the blankets before, but when I opened it up and felt it, I knew that it would be the perfect snuggle blankie. It is made of a super soft, organic velour and edged with a natural silk charmeuse ruffle.

What I love about it is the size and the weight. It's not too big, so she can have it in the crib with her. Yet, it's just big enough to cover her up on cold nights. It washes up amazingly well and the trim seems to be holding up quite nicely after getting chewed on and washed frequently.

Our daughter just loves the blanket; before I lay her down at night she snuggles up with her head on my chest, holding on to the blanket and touching the ruffles. It's incredibly sweet, and obvious how comforting  she feels with her blanket.

The benefits of buying organic speak for themselves. Organic cotton used to produce their blankets are grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. 

You will pay a little more for these blankets, but in the end I believe it is worth the investment to have a great blanket that you know is made extremely well and is safe for your child. I highly recommend the brand! They make a fantastic baby gift.


  1. I have never felt this blanket! I would love to feel it :) Maybe for me! ha! Another good blanket is Little Giraffe!

  2. this almost makes me want to have another baby.....almost

  3. Thanks! I literally have ten friends that are pregnant right now! Could always use ideas for a special gift!

  4. We don't have this brand, but Henry loves his blanket. Still sleeps and cuddles up with his "Bo Bo."

  5. I have a friend expecting her third girl and I am trying to find her a present that she has not received for her other girls. These blankets sound perfect.

  6. Thanks dear for the wonderful ideas. These children blankets are so perfect like they looks so comfortable or soft, having a perfect baby size, fabric used to make them are good etc. I having my sister who is going on 6th month. I got a a lots of ideas here and I recommend her to take your advice.



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