Monday, January 14, 2013

Healthy Snacks 101

Thank you to all of you who commented on my post last week. I love all of your suggestions! I am going to share some of my favorite pickups that are getting me through the hunger pains and then I will share some of the ideas that were given by other friends/bloggers.

1. Edamame Hummus-this stuff is the bomb. I like it so much more than original Chickpea hummus. It has less sodium and is gluten and cholesterol free. We found this at Target and it's been a huge hit!

2. These almonds are like butter, but way healthier of course. They are perfectly salted and I like that they are skinless too! They are a great source of Protein and are perfect around 3:00

3. Looking for a sweet snack? Justin's all natural Hazelnut butter will do it! I will have a tiny spoon of this or I will put it on a banana. yummm.

4. If you are a salty snacker, these Special K Popcorn chips are insanely good and not all that terrible for you...120 calories for 28 chips. They just came out, I got them at our grocery store on special...2 for $5!

We have also been doing a lot of cuties, baby carrots and hard boiled eggs. I have also found hot tea (sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings) at night has kind of curbed my sweet tooth. We have also been making either a chocolate protein shake with banana and peanut butter or a fruit shake with almond milk, ice and frozen berries. Both are fantastic and your kids will like them too!

And here are the comments from other readers/ bloggers with their favorite healthy but satisfying (even for those with a big sweet tooth!)...

"I have been eating spinach, cuties, and strawberries for a mid-afternoon snack lately"

"I eat Trader Joe's dark chocolate almond biscotti for dessert(only 120 calories per cookie and they are big and chocolatey:) and a cup of decaf, very satisfying and it keeps me from eating cupcakes!! "

"34 degrees crackers I eat those alot with a small amount of cheese for a snack. You can eat a ton for no calories. I also like popchips, string cheese, or oddly enough I have been into olives lately. I am way more of a salty than sweet person though. Sometimes an apple with PB can help curb your sweet craving"

"A couple squares of dark chocolate? can you squeeze those in maybe in week 2? And for mid-day cravings....make a fruit and vegetable smoothie! my favorite right now is this: 1 apple, 3 cutie oranges, 2 big handfuls of fresh spinach, 1 banana, 1 cup of crushed ice (cubed works too but crushed is easier on the blender/vitamix), and 8-10 fresh or frozen strawberries. blend and enjoy! Note: fresh strawberries work better, but frozen are fine if you let them sit out for like 15 min before blending..... 

"I love to get greek yogurt and brown sugar and whip them together and top with berries. My midday snack go-to is carrots with this yummy greek yogurt jalapeno dip"

"This is delicious:
When she made it on her show she also added 1/3 cup of almond milk to help it not be so thick, so be sure to add that. I'm not sure why it's not included in the ingredients/recipe online"

"I know you don't want sugar, but I find Skinny Cow dream clusters a good dessert or snack at 120 calories. I eat the dark chocolate and it does take the edge off of my sweet tooth"
1.)Justin's Almond Butter with Maple-on spoon or half a banana
2.)Banana smoothie- blend ice, skim milk, cinnamon and add a little cool whip on top.
3.)Think Thin Bars
4.) 34 Degrees crackers-they are paper thin. 
I also try and eat a ton of almonds, egg whites and fish. A good afternoon snack can be celery stuffed with a tiny bit of cream cheese. That usually works for me. I hear you about the 3:00 hunger pains!
P.S. When you have GD they tell you no fruit before 12pm because it can spike blood sugars! I usually try and stick to that"

"i keep dark chocolate bars in the fridge and just break off a square or two. i figure the antioxidents cancel out the sugar!! but i can justify anything. i also keep 100% fruit pops in the freezer - only 80 calories. "

"I do the dark chocolate thing too, just a square or two. At least dark chocolate is supposed to have health benefits. I recently have been having a cup of hot brewed chai tea, just add a bit of milk and a tiny bit of sugar. It's filling and has a hint of sweetness"

" I would have pudding for dessert...kind of gross, but it definitely hit that sweet tooth craving. Also, hot chocolate! 

Thanks guys for all of your suggestions and ideas, you are the best! 


  1. If you like the edamame hummus try their spicy lentil one and the black bean one both are amazing!!

  2. I have not tried the popcorn chips yet, but I will now! sounds like we are basically on the same clean eating train, so I am really enjoying these post ;)

  3. The almonds look amazing and I plan on trying those popcorn chips ASAP.

  4. I have been dying to try the Justin's butter. Fabulous post! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw a great healthy desert option on Pinterest. It was Bananas cut up and sprinkled with cinammon and honey. Looked yummy!

  6. well that hazelnut butter looks amazing!



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