Monday, January 7, 2013

Everyday Pretties

For everyday, you will often find me in a pair of earrings and simple necklaces. I find that I am in need of a shorter necklace, something to layer my longer pendants with. I love that there are so many cute, dainty pieces to choose from!

Or the Gorjana Knox necklace which is a great price at only $62

Or how adorable is the Jennifer Zeuner mini wishbone

Sally and Molly from A Piece of Toast were sporting some Dana Rebecca over the holidays and now I am completely obsessed. The Samantha Lynn necklace is dainty, sparkly perfection...

Do you have an everyday "go-to" piece of jewelry? 


  1. I got a Jennifer zeuner initial necklace for Christmas and I'm in love!

  2. I have a gold wishbone necklace just like the one above. I wear it every day. It is special because it was from my mom. Wishbones are kind of a thing in my family. : )

  3. love that wishbone necklace! I have a great little piece from a boutique in chicago enaz
    I did it with silver chain and 14K monogram. Mine might be smaller than this one too- its tiny and super cute layered.

  4. I LOVE Jennifer Zeuner! I have this one engraved with "George" for my little boy.



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