Friday, January 18, 2013

Dreaming about...'s been a crazy week! Both kiddos have been sick. One with his first ever ear infection (at 4 1/2 years old!) and the other with major congestion, teething and a runny nose that won't stop. I am fighting this bad boy with all my might...Airborne, Netti Pot, Sudafed, Emergen-C' your thing!

So, today I just leave you with some things that I have been dreaming about...

a family room makeover and fun mis-matched pillows to hide our awful couch (which won't be replaced until the babies aren't snotting...spitting...rough housing all over it...)

New art for the family room...aren't these colors amazing?

Papering the inside of a side table we have in the baby girl's nursery...

cute ideas for the upcoming holidays...

bunny jars via

Happy Weekend all! Hope your families are healthy and ready to take on the weekend1 


  1. LOVE that first space!!! So incredibly gorgeous!

  2. Stay healthy and hope the kiddos are better soon! Love that print and pillows. And the mat method totally kicked my ass last night, but definitely a fantastic workout.

  3. Love the idea of using throw pillows to camouflage all the "damage" my kiddos do to our sofa. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon! Love the idea of the pillows on the couch. Now if I could just put vibrant colored rugs down to cover all the wear and tear and stains on our carpet from the kids and our dog!

  5. Hope everyone feels better! For me I swear by zicam at the first hint of a cold! It's a miracle worker! And I'm crazy about those bunny jars! Pinned them for Easter!



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