Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Baby Toys...EVER!

I am sure I am not the only one who is annoyed with "toy clutter". You know what I mean; toys that seem to show up in every corner of the house. It's sort of inevitable, right? And truthfully, we don't even have a lot of toys! I have really tried to keep the clutter to a minimum.

We definitely have favorites in this house. It even seems that the toys our son loved the most are also the ones are daughter loves too. I thought I would share since I know parents are always looking for the "next best thing" that will keep their child entertained for more than a minute!

One of the first toys we ever bought was the "Winkel" by Manhattan Toy. This is great for new babies. They are easy to grasp, and it helps them develop good hand eye coordination. I have found both my kids like to chew on it too, which makes it good for little teethers! 

We got a set of basic blocks when my son was just an infant and they have definitely stood the test of time. When they are babies, they like to just bang the blocks together, but as they get older they can stack and knock down...which is the most fun, obviously :). These by Melissa and Doug are cute and colorful. 

These SUPER inexpensive Fisher Price shape blocks and storage container have been probably one of the favorites for both of my children. They love to put the shapes in the bucket, take them out, bang them together, you name it...then as they get older they can actually put the shapes through the correct slot and name colors and shapes. It's a great toy and also a fabulous learning tool! 

This wooden activity cube is not only well made, but it is also fun for many ages. My daughter loves it now at  9 months; opening the doors and moving the little animals and balls on the top. My son will still study the letters and animals and help his litter sister learn her letters too. If you are having your first child and plan on having more, this is a great investment

I have Bailey from Peppermint Bliss to thank for this toy recommendation. We bought these Peek n Peep eggs by Kidoozie for our baby girl this Christmas. She LOVES them. There is a lot of learning opportunities in this compact toy. They can learn colors, the tops of the eggs all have matching eyes to match the inside (so they can learn to match) and there are also shapes under each egg in which you have to match with the carton. The eggs also peep when you push them, which is definitely interesting for the little ones. It's adorable and only around $12!

Do you have a favorite toy in your household? If you do, please share! We are always looking for new ones to add to our "clutter". 


  1. Thank you for the suggestions! My little guy is 7 months so it is great to get tips from other mommy's.
    xoxo, Tamara

  2. I totally agree about the blocks. Our set now lives at Nan's house and Henry still gets those out - today, in fact! He stacks and knocks down, hides things in them, etc.

  3. We LOVE Manhattan Toys! Our little man got this ball pit for Christmas and is in heaven.

  4. We had the first four with Jonah and Meredith and they both loved them. Especially the stacking blocks and the shape blocks :) Now that they are a little older I try to keep all the toys in their toy room and out of their bedrooms and family room. Right before Christmas we sorted through all the toys and either sold or donated all the baby toys. I'll admit it made me a little sad! They grow up way too fast!

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