Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super(model) Mom: Meet Megan

Meet Megan, from a favorite blog of mine, Honey We're Home. She was nominated by the last Super Model Mom I featured, Lili from Swanky Chic Fete.

Megan is an adorable Mom who lives in Houston with her husband and son James. She blogs about fabulous DIY home projects, organization and decor. You may remember me posting pics of her closet? Ahhhhh, could you die?!

Thanks to Megan for participating in Super Model Mom and give us insight into her personal style!

1.) What is your "uniform" most days?

Now that's is summer in Houston and the temperatures are 100+ degrees, you'll mostly find me in short shorts (never thought I'd wear those again!), a tank top, and flip flops or wedge sandals.  I feel naked without my Michael Kors watch.

2.) Who inspires you the most?

On a persona level, I'd say Oprah Winfrey.  Her honesty, integrity, and intention to fulfill her life's purpose by being guided by divine inspiration is contagious.

3.) If you could raid one celebrity closet, whose would it be?

Probably Jenifer Aniston.  I love her simple, well-tailored wardrobe.

4.) Favorite splurges?

I will splurge on a handbag or shoes that I know I'll get a lot of use out of.  I have a LouisVuitton wallet that I absolutely love that I've been using for about 3 years now- it was a birthday gift from my husband.

5.) Favorite budget items?

Mossimo tank tops and shorts from Target!

6.) What item in your closet do you cherish the most?

My engagement and wedding ring- absolutely spectacular and so sentimental that my hubby surprised me by having them custom made.

7.) If you could bring back one fashion trend from the past, what would it be?

I'd say bell-bottoms and really tall wedge shoes, but I think they are already back!

8.) How has becoming a mom changed your personal style?

My style has evolved as my body has changed!  But now that my son is nearly a year and a half old, I'm thankfully able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again and loving it.  I don't believe in dressing frumpy because I'm a mom, I like to dress up and wear cute clothes that show (at least a little) how hard I've worked for my figure!  I like halter tops that show my shoulders or pants/dresses that highlight a slim waist.

9.) If money was no object, what would you love to purchase right now?

hmmm, I had to do some research on this one.  In a fantasy world, the Tiffany Keys Kaleidoscope key pendant is pretty cool!

10.) What are your top 3 favorite style blogs?
Veronika's Blushing
La Dolce Vita
Elements of Style 


  1. Great post and interview! I love all of her answers. Off to check out her blog now :) xx

  2. Fun interview! I love Megan and her blog! Loved learning more about her! :)

  3. Megan's blog is great, and that closet of hers is perfection! : ) I especially love the light fixture she chose.

  4. Thanks Melanie- I love those pictures you added!! So fun!

  5. Loooove how Jennifer Anniston always looks so put together. I'd gladly raid her closet too.

  6. What a fun interview. Megan is so talented...love her blog and her adorable little guy, James is such a cutie. I have been drooling over the Tiffany KaleidoscopeKey Pendant, too. Gorgeous. I live in Mossimo tanks in the summer.

  7. Great! I like Jenifer Aniston!!



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